Just like a stopped clock, sometimes I get it right

Stopped clock


As the saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day.


So I know it’s hard to believe that a muddle-headed pinko like yours truly digs up an accurate prediction.


But I did, and frankly it wasn’t that hard.


Back in January, I predicted that Da Lege will cook up some way to give our tax dollars to some un- well-deserving cronies. Well, I was right.


Today’s Republic reports that AZ will soon begin to collect sales taxes from businesses that sell stuff online in this-here state.


As Da Associated Press reports in the article, “that revenue could be a big windfall. Estimates vary from a low of $100 million to more than $700 million.”


Good news! Now maybe we can throw a few more bucks into K-12 schools or our universities, both of which have taken it in the shorts since 2008. There’s also that little matter of a court ruling that Da Lege actually has to follow the law. In September the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the state has failed to follow a 2000 law – passed by voters over objections from the lege, natch – requiring an adjustment of K-12 funding to cover inflation.


That could cost the state about $1.3 billion in back payments, though the good people who brought the lawsuit said they’re willing to accept this money on the installment plan.


So education would probably be the best use of the money. After all, the state owes the money, and helping future generations obtain the education and training they need would be a good thing for the AZ economy – right?


Obviously you don’t understand the complexities of the state budget. You just ain’t as smart as the pinheads men and women of the Lege, which is why you voters need to stop telling politicians how to do their job right set funding priorities.


Y’see, it’s an election year. If you wanna hold on to your political office – or seek an office that pays better with more responsibility, there’s nothing better than telling voters that you cut taxes.


So along comes HB2465. It sez that any extra money collected through internet sales taxes should be used to lower the state income tax rate. Of course, this being AZ, most of such a tax break would go to the well-off. But so what? Aren’t they the “producers” who deserve the money, as opposed to the “takers” who are struggling to get by on food stamps, unemployment payments, or – if they’re lucky – a low paying job?


Well, putting the money into education would pay huge dividends. Employers need people with training and education, and – funny thing – they tend to expand or relocate to places where there’s a high-quality education system creating a skilled workforce.


And obviously that ain’t Arizona.


Yeah, right. That’s just an argument to raise taxes – right?


Yeah. Let the kids use textbooks that are old, tattered and out of date. Tell college kids to shut up and bury themselves in student loans to pay for ever-increasing tuition. Don’t provide adequate funding to upgrade aging buildings, replace worn-out buses or provide state-of-the-art computers, software or technical learning tools.


After all: why should we voters get in the way of getting re-elected sound fiscal policy?



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